The Lovely Bones – Chapter 8

This is a short chapter but it creates a disturbing image of George Harvey. We learn that he grew up in an awful family situation. His brutal father even made his mother get out of their car in the desert. Harvey never saw her again.

In Chapter 8 Harvey dreams of buildings such as the Church of Transfiguration but his dreams are replaced with images of the women and children that he murdered.


One thought on “The Lovely Bones – Chapter 8

  1. It is a disturbing chapter as the reader becomes aware of Mr Harvey’s past. I became sickened that I could actually feel sorry for someone who raped and murdered young children and women. However some people can’t help their past and its apparent Harvey had a troubled childhood and no role model to set him up for life, this creates sympathy for him as we can see he didnt get the best luck in life. This does not excuse the fact that he was purely messed up and therefore his actions have unforgiveable consequences, but it can provide an insight into another persons mind where it is shown that his mental state is disturbed and not neccessarily his fault.

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