The unattainable ‘American Dream’ behind US mass shootings crisis


Saw this article by Sarah Kaplan from The Washington Post on the Stuff website today and found it really interesting. Worth reading if you are revising American Beauty.

On 23 August, criminal justice professor Adam Lankford stood in front of a crowd of sociologists to explain how American culture contributes to the all-too-frequent American mass shootings. It’s not just that we have a lot of guns, he said – though he does believe that the high rates of firearm ownership are partially to blame. It’s the social strains of American life – the false promise of the American dream, which guarantees a level of success that can’t always be achieved through hard work and sheer willpower; the devotion to individualism and the desire for fame or notoriety.

Millions of Americans feel these strains and never commit a crime. But for a small handful, they breed the kind of resentment and fury that can explode into violence.

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Google Classroom – Version 2

zen cat

I have added material to the new improved (less cluttered) Google Classroom and this in conjunction with a few changes to how Classroom works should make for a better experience for us all. The new Classroom is called Year 13 Externals.

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I think the great Google Classroom experiment is over. It started well and it was fun when we didn’t have to scroll down to infinity to find what we wanted. Yes, it drove me crazy too, so I have listened and now that we are at the business end of the year I will only post on here. Your inbox will be free from bombing and we can all agree that we will not speak of this again!

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‘Last Week’ … on John Key

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Something topical for a column. Check this video out (follow the link).

John Oliver weighs in on John Key’s rather ‘spectacular’ week of ponytails and pinot noir – catch the full episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver at 10.20pm on SoHo!

Posted by SoHo on Sunday, April 26, 2015