Jack Tame: Society strengthened because of Fred Phelps


There has been lots and lots of comment on the death of Westboro Baptist Church preacher Fred Phelps this week. Jack Tame at the New Zealand Herald is one of the many people that has given his thoughts and his short piece of opinion writing is worth looking at for ideas on how to discuss controversial people/events. In his writing, Tame makes no bones about his loathing of Phelps,

“I hated Fred Phelps when I first saw him on TV. He stirred in me the same loathing as when watching white supremacists in Christchurch. I’m ashamed to say I actually daydreamed of he and his crazies being subjected to physical pain.”

However,  he is able to then lead his discussion to one about free speech and how people like Phelps, “show us just how ridiculous racism and bigotry are”.

Check out more opinion pieces on Phelps below:

Fred Phelps doesn’t deserve your grave dancing: let’s forgive and forget his hate

Hate and How to Overcome It: How Should We Respond to the Tragic Death of Fred Phelps?


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