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Today we talked poets, romantic poets … the big sixWilliam WordsworthSamuel Taylor ColeridgeWilliam BlakeJohn KeatsPercy Bysshe Shelley, and Lord Byron.

And thanks to Shmoop you can read more about them in a very accessible way – if you check out their literary glossary that is. I have added a little bit below but go to the Shmoop site and have a big wallow in it all.




Let’s talk about feelings. Come on, you’re safe with Shmoop. Open up. Let it all out. Pour your soul onto the page. What do you get?

Romantic literature, that’s what. See, romanticism was all about unabashed emotion. Wordsworth would never bottle himself up. Coleridge would never play his cards close to the vest. Nah, they’d rather go for a walk in the beautiful Lake District, let their imaginations run wild, and then return home to write it all down on some spare parchment.

That brings us to our next point. Not only were the Romantics all about the “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings,” they were also all about Nature with a capital N (at least, for the most part). They believed that nature could have a powerful and beneficial effect on the artist if he went out and immersed himself in it. They didn’t seek inspiration from the bustling masses in London; they sought it from solitary mountaintops.


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