Russell McVeagh Regional Debating Championship

collage uni

This weekend we sent our debating team to the Otago/Southland Russell McVeagh Regional Debating Championship in Dunedin. The regionals were held at the University of Otago. It was a really strong competition with a number of very good teams.

The moots were interesting and often challenging – I have listed them below:

Round 1: THS government employees such as teachers, the police, and doctors, having the right to strike.

Round 2: THBT graduates from New Zealand universities should be required to work in New Zealand for a number of years after graduating

Round 3: THBT environmentalist organisations are justified in breaking the law.

Round 4: THW, as a school student, delete its social network accounts

Round 5: THBT compulsory religious education should be taught in all state schools

Semi-finals: THW require that women comprise at least 45% of the seats in Parliament.

Final: THW grant amnesty to oppressive dictators in return for them stepping down.


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