Too Far From Heaven

Too far

Simultaneously set in 1895 and 1918, a cry ‘Too Far From Heaven’ presents us with the final day of two New Zealanders sentenced to suffer the death penalty. If you would like to see this excellent piece of theatre it will be performed on Wednesday 5 March at 8pm in the Lowburn hall. It is only $5 for students to attend and it is presented by Cromwell Community Arts with Arts on Tour.

Minnie Dean, known as the Winton Baby Farmer, was the only woman in NZ to receive the death penalty. She was hanged for infanticide. Victor Spencer, a volunteer from Invercargill, was shot by firing squad for desertion during the First World War. According to his Wikipedia entry, Spencer was the last soldier to be executed during World War I and was posthumously pardoned some 80 years after his death.

‘Too Far From Heaven’ was co-written by two of the three performers (Lizzie Dawson and Jade Gillies) together with director Angela Newell, this is an incredibly moving piece of theatre. Try and catch it if you can.


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