Margaret Atwood

If you are looking for more information on The Handmaid’s Tale writer Margaret Atwood try the sites at the bottom of this post.

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Atwood spent the first eleven years of her life in the sparsely settled “bush” country of northern Ontario and Quebec, where her father, an entomologist, did research. She began writing poems, “novels,” comic books, and plays at the age of five but did not decide to become a writer until she was sixteen. Atwood has compared writing stories to telling riddles and jokes, all three requiring “the same mystifying buildup, the same surprising twist, the same impeccable sense of timing.”

Her first poem was published when she was nineteen. Since then she has published four collections of short stories, more than a dozen books of poetry, and several novels, including the best-sellers Surfacing (1972), The Handmaid’s Tale (1985), Cat’s Eye (1989), The Robber Bride (1993), and Alias Grace (1996). She was encouraged to write as a young woman because Canadians of her generation felt a strong need to develop a national literature.

The Margaret Atwood Society

The Margaret Atwood Society is an international association promoting scholarship in and conversation about Atwood’s work. The site includes a bibliography, calls for papers, links, and news.

The Margaret Atwood Information Web Site

Regularly updated by Atwood, this site includes excellent biographical information; a comprehensive bibliography of works by and about her; transcriptions of recent lectures, essays, and reviews; a list of honours and awards; a list of Atwood’s favorite causes and charities; photos; notes on her collaborations and editing projects; and links to other informative sites.


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