The Crucible – Act One Vocabulary

Have a look at this list of words from Act One and annotate your script if necessary.

1. hearty—well

2. bid—told

3. aye—yes

4. opened—been honest

5. nay—no

6. sport—a game

7. Goody—Mrs.

8. blink—pay no attention to

9. naught—nothing

10. mark—listen to; remember

11. clapped in the stocks—placed in the stocks (a punishment device in which the offender was secured by the hands and feet or head and hands and was left outside to be publicly humiliated or abused)

12. wintry—unfriendly

13. charge—accusation or reason

14. writ—a court order

15. pray—please

16. incubi and succubi—(plural form for incubus and succubus) male and female demons, respectively, who were believed to have intercourse with people while they were asleep

17. irons—iron restraints


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