Something for the ‘Dexter’ fans

Michael C Hall has been in the country and in today’s Sunday Star Times there is a feature on him called  Dexter dreaming darkly by Adam Dudding.

The world’s most loveable serial killer has an elbow on a bar leaner and is looking out across Auckland’s Westhaven Harbour. He’s yakking into a cellphone and hatching sinister plans – suggesting, from what I can overhear, that “maybe we could start shooting early”.


Just like everyone on TV, Michael C Hall seems a little smaller off-screen than he should. The muscled chest that fills out his sweatshirt when he’s being the emotionally stunted murderer Dexter Morgan and wrapping up a bad person in clingfilm before driving a knife through their sternum, doesn’t look as gym-buff as I’d expected. And without the benefit of the warm filters the cameramen use to make the Dexter locations in Los Angeles stand in for steamy, sleazy Miami, he looks kind of pale. The big American jaw and deep eyes and jutting brow are real though, as are the huge Fred Flintstone upper lip and big, fleshy mouth.


When he finally gets off the phone, he sits down at a cafe table with a glass of water and begins a long exercise in absent-minded origami with his paper napkin.


Hall’s press agent, Craig Bankey, had demanded pictures not be taken mid-interview, to avoid unflattering open-mouthed shots of his client, so I take a peek in Hall’s mouth as best I can. For the record, it seems he has a couple of slightly overlapping, almost un-American, bottom front teeth, but nothing too freaky.


He apologises about the call.


Contract negotiations for shooting a seventh, and probably eighth, season as the star of the darkly hilarious TV series Dexter are “a matter of days” away from completion, but a few details need clearing up, including how to juggle schedules so he can also star in a new musical based on the Tim Burton film Big Fish.

Read the rest here.

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