Mark Romanek Interview

We have discussed the film adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel ‘Never Let Me Go’ so you might find this interview with director Mark Romanek interesting.

A sensitive study of love and mortality, Mark Romanek’s sci fi film ‘Never Let Me Go’ pulls at the heart strings. Romanek sat down with me to talk about his film last September during the Fantastic Fest in Austin, just before the film’s wide release in October. With the release of Never Let Me Go on Blu-ray this week, fans can own this artistic film and hear for themselves from Romanek in a great featurette.


While technically a sci fi film, Romanek’s vision for the screen version of Kazuo Ishiguro’s moving novel feels very much like a touching melodrama. A story less about a dystopian world of cloning–and the political and moral issues associated with it–and more about love and loss.


This choice, to downplay the sci fi aspects, was purposeful. Romanek spoke of the highly emotional tone of the book, and recapturing that in the film. “I wasn’t making a sci fi, I was making a love story. I would describe it as a love story where the sci fi is a patina over the film. The sci fi aspect is just a parable for bigger themes. What Ishiguro is saying is what’s important is treating people with love and those relationships.”


Due to the extreme emotional resonance of the film, Romanek said that making the film was like “emotional boot camp.” “The editing alone is a journey…any film is going to be a process where you learn things about yourself.” Romanek appreciates Ishiguro’s novel, and said he’s one of his favorite authors. “I can’t believe I got to meet him!“

Read the rest here.


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