Ring of truth or not? Hard to tell

Kerre Woodham weighs in on Ken Ring in her column in The Herald on Sunday. Here’s a bit:

With all the hoo-ha going on about Ken Ring’s quake forecasts and with the world watching in horror as Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant teeters on the brink of meltdown, I find myself wishing that I’d spent more time at school on left-brain subjects.


Latin, English, French and drama were a breeze for me; maths and science not so much.


But I really need to fill in the gaps in my knowledge because without a basic understanding of science, it’s hard to distinguish between the scientists and the nutters – whether or not the moon has anything to do with earthquakes; whether the Fukushima meltdown can possibly be compared to Chernobyl; whether man’s interference with the planet is a catalyst for earthquakes. Who knows?

Read the rest here.


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