Caught singing for tyrants? Don’t be embarrassed. Do what 50 Cent does: embrace it

Charlie Brooker says the list of stars who have performed for the Gaddafi clan is impressive, but few have gone quite as far as rapper 50 Cent. Here is his column:

A huge source of frustration for any performing artist is that you can’t choose your fans. And the more popular you get, the more likely it is you’ll attract people you can’t stand. Kurt Cobain so disliked the uncool non-underground types who began showing up at Nirvana gigs after the release of their debut album Bleach that he wrote the song In Bloom, which attacks an unnamed moronic jock type who dares to enjoy Nirvana’s music: “He’s the one who likes all our pretty songs,” goes the chorus. “And he likes to sing along, and he likes to shoot his gun – but he knows not what it means.”

Yeah! Take that, you mainstream douche bags! Feeling pretty stupid now, huh?

Well, no. They weren’t. Partly because they knew not what it meant, but largely because Cobain foolishly gave the song a catchy melody, and then compounded this error by including it on an album of other catchy melodies called Nevermind, which became such a massive mainstream success that he never truly lived it down, at least in his own head. And it soon turned out the despised jock fan wasn’t the only one prone to discharging the occasional firearm.

Still, if Cobain was tortured by the presence of the occasional macho numbskull at his gigs, imagine how awful he’d feel if he looked out and saw a member of the Gaddafi dynasty moshing to Smells Like Teen Spirit. Chances are he’d have beaten himself to death with his own guitar right there and then.

Read the rest at the Guardian.

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