Charlie Sheen deserves our pity not our admiration

We were discussing the media coverage of Charlie Sheen in class on Friday so some of you may be interested in this column from the Guardian. Tina Hassannia believes that as we gloat over the troubled actor’s personal train crash, perhaps we should remember the example of Britney Spears?

Here’s an extract:

Writing this piece feels almost contradictory. The last thing we need is more coverage of Charlie Sheen’s antics – did people forget there are civil riots going on in the Middle East? But there’s something missing from this public circus: should we really treat his meltdown as performance art?


We’ve heard about his alleged coke-fuelled lifestyle, his numerous failed stints in rehab, his verbal attacks on co-workers, the troubled comments by close friends that he may be a lost case and possibly the least-covered part of his life: his long history of alleged violence towards the women in his life.


Most importantly, though, we’ve heard Sheen himself. While entertainment reporters and paparazzi hound celebrities, he one-upped the press by kindling his own media fire. The reason he is all over the news is mainly because he has been emailing the press for interviews and calling into live-air radio stations, demanding to be heard. What did he want us to hear? Hilarious, ego-maniacal one-liners that would make Kanye West blush. I don’t need to repeat those lines – there are a bajillion articles out there collecting the best of.

Read the rest here.



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