Interview: Four Lions Chris Morris Unites Us All, Including Terrorists, In Idiocy

Chris Morris in his film Four Lions promised to show “the Dad’s Army side of terrorism.” The film has been described as “putting the ha into fatwa.”

Here is a discussion of the film from Cinema Blend.

The poster for Four Lions, which you see at right, says it over and over again: “Funny!” Since premiering at Sundance in January, Four Lions has played its way across many festivals in the country, cracking audiences up with its story about five bumbling British guys just trying to get ahead in life. The twist, as you may know, is that these five guys are extremist Islamic terrorists, and plan to blow themselves up in as public a place as they can find.

I promise you, the movie truly is funny– read Eric Eisenberg’s review from the Los Angeles Film Festival  if you need more proof- but it also doesn’t shrink away from violence or the extremely solemn truth at the center of the film. And, as director Chris Morris will tell you over and over again, the absurd things we see his terrorist characters do aren’t even as silly as the things that happen in real life. As he has done interviews for the film, Morris has recounted countless anecdotes about real-life terrorists arguing over who is more attractive, pulling ridiculous pranks on each other, and botching operations due to sheer idiocy. As he explains it, we’re all capable of idiotic behavior, and why should Islamic terrorists be any different?

Read the rest here.

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