Reflecting on a world gone wrong

Oryx and Crake is set sometime at the end of the 21st century. Snowman, the narrator, is the sole survivor of some sort of global disaster. He is stuck up a tree on a beach, wearing nothing but a filthy bed sheet, attempting to stay out of reach of the dangerous genetically modified pigoons (pigs designed to grow human organs for transplants) and wolvogs (wolves breed with dogs). Snowman tells his tale to help us understand the course of events that have led to his precarious and lonely situation. As he tells the story of his past, and of his life as ‘Jimmy’, he also guides us through the horror of his present as he goes on a treacherous foraging expedition to find more food. The only company he has is the Crakers, a genetically engineered ‘people’ who regard him as a type of monster/messenger, and who pester him for more information about their creator.

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