Cuckoo’s Nest Link

You may find the material below helpful for revision:

Kesey’s first-person narrative (first publishedin 1962) reveals,through the mind of Chief Bromden,the enclosed world of a ward in a state mental hospital in Oregon. The ward’s mental patients are victims of a society that demands conformity to what Bromden calls”the Combine,”a term suggesting a huge machine as well as a kind of socio-economic conspiracy. According to the Chief, the Combine is slowly but surely turning society into a dehumanised, homogenised culture in which each person is “a functioning, adjusted component”. The ward itself  is one of the places where those who do not conform end up. It is “a factory for the Combine. It’s for fixing up mistakes made in the neighbourhoods and in the schools and in the churches…”.

The Combine is clearly an imaginative construct that describes the dominant social order in America during the 1950s.

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