Future Imperfect

Interesting discussion of Gattaca from Salon.

WHEN SCIENCE-FICTION scenarists imagine a future shaped by eugenics, it’s typically cold, bright, antiseptic. “Gattaca,” an intermittently imaginative new movie about a “not too distant future” dominated by a genetically programmed elite, alters this picture in subtle ways: Its characters strive for a germ-free gleam but always seem to be littering the floor with unwanted bits of genetic material – eyelashes, skin flakes, hair. And in this world, even when you’re a “Valid,” and have had all standard-issue imperfections (myopia, baldness, cardiac flaws) removed from your chromosomes, you must still submit yourself to endless finger-pricking blood tests and urine donations to prove your status; your precious bodily fluids are always on call.

Read the rest here.


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