Moody movies that move me : Gattaca

Here is an interesting review of Gattaca to help you with your revision.

I never fail to well up watching Gattaca. Starring Ethan Hawke, Jude Law ad Uma Thurman, this sci-fi thriller is ostensibly about prejudice, which in the future is based not on your race or religion, but your genetic make-up thanks to great advances in genetic engineering. Science has developed to the point that one’s susceptibility for diseases can be determined at birth, as well as life-expectancy.

Vincent, the protagonist, played by Hawke, being a child born of love rather than engineering, suffers myopia and a heart condition that should prove fatal at age 30. His parents, rattled by the news of Vincent’s failings, decide to engineer their next child, Anton, the boy good enough to be named for his father. A sibling rivalry develops between Vincent and Anton who is superior in every physical way. The rivalry peaks in dangerous swimming contests to see who can swim out the farthest without tiring. I don’t want to spoil your experience of the movie, so I’ll just say one contest is a turning point for Vincent, and he leaves home to go underground as an unregistered citizen, or invalid.

Vincent dreams of being an astronaut, something I strongly identify with. I had the same dream as a child too, but my father whom I completely adored, told me women couldn’t be astronauts and I believed him. My father was born in 1916, lived through the first great depression, and was too hard at work to realize the women’s movement was happening. Vincent’s dad told him the only way he’d see the inside of a spaceship was if he was cleaning it. With Vincent’s genetic make-up, being relegated to the lower class was his future. “Genetics as destiny” as we hear in the film.

Read the rest here.

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