Inception Explained: Unraveling The Dream Within The Dream

We have talked a little about Inception, here is an interesting post on the film from Cinema Blend.

Inception crashed into theatres last night at midnight and if you haven’t seen it, we hope you will soon. When you do, it’s sure to be the only thing you’ll want to talk about for at least the next week. Internally here at Cinema Blend it’s pretty much the only thing we’ve been able to think about and walking out of the movie left us and pretty much everyone whose seen it with a lot of questions. Inception is the kind of movie that gets you thinking and the film’s complex plot is the sort of thing that almost demands unraveling.

To help make sense of some of the movie’s more twisty details the entire Cinema Blend team got together and tried to ask some of the more common questions people are asking about the film. It’s our attempt to explain Inception and make sense of Christopher Nolan’s fantastically detailed dream world.

Read the rest here.

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