Thinking about Gattaca

I have added a couple of quotes that you may find a use for.They are from Jeremy Rifkin who Time Magazine called the most hated man in science. Rifkin is an American economist, writer, public speaker and activist. His work explores the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, the workforce, society, and the environment.

Genetic engineering represents our fondest hopes and aspirations as well as our darkest fears and misgivings. That’s why most discussions of the new technology are likely to be so heated. The technology touches the core of our self-definition. The new tools are the ultimate expression of human control—helping us shape and define the way we would like to be and the way we would like the rest of living nature to be. Biotechnologies are “dream tools,” giving us the power to create a new vision of ourselves, our heirs, and our living world and the power to act on it.—Jeremy Rifkin, The Biotech Century

If diabetes, sickle-cell anemia, and cancer are to be prevented by altering the genetic makeup of individuals, why not proceed to other less serious “disorders”: myopia, colour blindness, dyslexia, obesity, left-handedness? Indeed, what is to preclude a society from deciding that a certain skin colour is a disorder? In the end, why would we ever say no to any alteration of the genetic code that might enhance the well-being of our offspring? It is difficult to imagine parents rejecting genetic modifications that promised to improve, in some way, the opportunities for their progeny.—Jeremy Rifkin

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