From Frankenstein to Blade Runner

From Mary Shelley to Kenneth Branagh and beyond…

Everything you ever wanted to know about Frankenstein…the myth, the novel, the movies, the comic books, the theatre plays, the bolts in the neck… has it all and even more!

The website highlights the power and influence of Mary Shelley’s story through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Apart from direct adaptations, there have been many variations and appropriations in a modern day context on the same idea, for example The X Files episode ‘The Post Modern Prometheus’ and later comic parodies, such as Young Frankenstein. A key element in Shelley’s text – the scientist ‘playing god’ (or perhaps it is more accurate to say that Shelley is commenting on man mocking God ) in a laboratory – is a common theme in many science fiction texts. The film Blade Runner is a text that obviously has direct connections to Shelley’s Frankenstein.

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