How to use quotes and quotations effectively in speeches, writing, presentations

In class we have discussed using quotes in essays and oral presentations. IdeaBank has some power tips on how to use quotes and quotations effectively.

Ask any professional speechwriter and he will tell you that most people in an audience will forget 90 percent of a speech by the morning after it is delivered. But amazingly, people in the same audience can repeat a well-chosen quotation or humorous item from a speech – sometimes as long as several years later.

If a quotation reinforces the point you want to make, it is almost impossible to misuse it. However, there are simple techniques you can use to make quotations blend into your natural language in a seamless way.

Read the rest here.

To find some great quotations try these sites:

Yahoo’s list of quotation sites

The brainy quote

The Quotations page

Famous quotes and quotations


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