Andrew Niccol discusses Gattaca

“We used to think our future was in the stars. Now we know it is in our genes.” — James Watson, Nobel Prize Winner and developer of the Human Genome Project

For many viewers Gattaca was the most original and visionary movie of its type in a long time. It embraces the long shadows cast by George Orwell and Aldous Huxley, then goes its own way in a caustic tale of discrimination and genetic engineering largely devoid of the usual sci-fi conventions. It is a provoking, visionary science fiction film that recalls the best and most disquieting of futuristic fables but is Niccol warning us against all genetic engineering?

When discussing the themes of Gattaca he said : “I would hate for anyone to look at my film and think it is advocating that you never tamper with genes, because there have been and will be many positive things to come out of this kind of science in terms of curing diseases. But the problem is that blurred line between health and enhancement. How far do you go? Do you consider short-sightedness a disease? Premature balding? Crooked teeth? Where do you draw the line?”

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