Top 14 Sci-Fi Films

If you ate looking to catch up on some classic Sci-Fi have a look at this post on Star Costumes. It covers the top 14 Sci-Fi movies of the 1970s and it suggests some of the biggest films of the decade. Here is number 14:

14. A Clockwork Orange (1971) – It was just three years previous, in 1968, that Stanley Kubrick directed 2001: A Space Odyssey and added sci-fi director extraordinary to his already impressive resume. In 1971, his dark take on Anthony Burgess’s classic A Clockwork Orange made him a legend. In short, Kubrick’s work was a cinematic masterpiece. It was the first movie to ever use Dolby Sound and actor lead actor Malcolm McDowell later said that his role as Alex DeLarge was so convincing that it actually made it harder for him to get other roles later in his career, because people always saw the creepy guy from A Clockwork Orange.


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