25 Movies To Remind You What’s Important In Life

In this link you will find a list of films that for many people are inspirational favourites. The post 25 Movies To Remind You What’s Important In Life is at Matador Life and it suggests some great movies that you may enjoy these holidays.

These are the films that people found educational, moving, funny or just plain wrong. These films make people laugh, cry or simply have a message — deep, lighthearted, silly and confusing — that sticks with us. They’re presented in alphabetical order, and each one was mentioned at least three times.

It has a real range of films – from festival favourites to Bad Santa (which comes in at number 4).

4. Bad Santa

Director: Terry Zwigoff

Year: 2003

In Short: He’s a drunken, thieving mess. Just the person you want coming down your chimney and playing with your kids.

Willie has not one single redeemable characteristic. Not one. He lies, robs department stores on Christmas, takes advantage of the young and old. The only thing keeping him from doing more harm is that he’s usually passed out in a drunken slop pile. Still, his connection with a snot nosed, geeky fat kid and a woman with an odd Santa fetish proves that even the oddest of us deserve good and family togetherness.


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