McMurphy Homework

For homework you were asked to think about McMurphy  and add up all the stereotypes that go into his creation. Here is one student’s response.

A free spirited rogue. A tough, rebellious, cunning entrepreneur, looking out for himself. He is portrayed as the sort of person people admire for his daring, but secretly fear for his confidence and power.

Later he is stereotyped as a Christ-like martyr, sacrificing himself to save the others in the ward. This is not an accurate representation; Mac is not a “good, pure person”, just the best man for the job of “saving” the patients. He has the strongest personality (because he is sane?) and is willing to speak/fight for his, and others, rights. Remember, he has many assault convictions, plus one for statutory rape. Is he really a suitable saviour? The patients see him as a leader and, after a while, they rally behind him in his battle against the nurse.

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