Homeopathy – over priced water?

A issue that has been in the news recently is homeopathy and whether or not it works. You may have seen reports on Close-up and TV3.

The New Zealand Skeptics Society has launched an attack on the natural medicine practice as their contribution to an international protest. Recently, the group staged a mass overdose – designed to prove the remedies are just over-priced water.

It could make an interesting column topic. For a cynical (but very funny) take watch the ‘Mitchell and Webb’ clip above.

One thought on “Homeopathy – over priced water?

  1. A major part of what we were attempting to do was bring the fact that there is no active ingredient in it. The reason for this is a study that showed that 94% of people that had used homeopathy were not aware of this rather important point.

    The NZ Skeptics have just issued a press release inviting homeopaths to join them in the campaign to get homeopathy removed from chemists/pharmacies too. Details here;

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