How to write badly well

Have a look at this blog ‘How to write badly well’ for some light relief. For instance:

Use as many adjectives as you can

He slowly walked the slow, winding path towards the crooked, run-down old house. With one slow, hesitant hand he bravely, resolutely knocked on the dusty, pock-marked, ancient and frightening door. Slowly, it opened slowly. He slowly poked his brave head through the narrow, foreboding gap.

‘Hello?’ he slowly said, bravely.

Just then, suddenly (yet strangely slowly), a terrifying, scary, bone-chilling, face-tingling, stupefyingly mortifying and stultifying, yet oddly inconsequential and subtly fragrant, big, massive, enormous multi-hued, monochrome monstrosity of epic, legendary, massive, indescribable proportions burst thunderingly from the shadowy, ill-defined, hazy, portentous, generically appropriate yet obviously underdeveloped and self-evidently over-described dark, dark darkness.

‘RAAAAAAH!’ it said.


Always use a thesaurus

She manipulated the garment in a cogitative mode.

‘Hmm,’ she vocalised. ‘This attire is verifiably marvellous. What is it constituted from?’

‘From the most meritorious velveteen,’ defined her interlocutor, simpering coincidentally.

‘Is it?’ iterated the party of the first part. ‘That’s felicitous.’

‘Additionally, this specified object has the property of being subdivided in terms of its defining mercantile characteristic, and can be taken possession of for the diminutive quantity of merely a half-dozen currency units,’ the retail employee informed.

‘Exoneration?’ supplicated the protagonist appropriately. The commercial tertiary sector worker eyeballed her perspicaciously.

‘I said it’s five ninety-nine. Do you want it or not?’

Sadly, I have read very similar pieces for realsies 😦


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