Milestones in Literature

Check out some important literary events that have anniversaries this month.


Poet and anthologist Louis Untermeyer is born in New York. He boasts on his 90th birthday, “I’m writing my third autobiography… the other two were premature.”


Veterinarian and author James Herriot (All Things Bright and Beautiful) is born in Sunderland, Scotland.


Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, written under the pseudonym Currer Bell, is published in London. The novel is an immediate success. Find out more about the life and times of Charlotte Brontë at the Victorian Web. If you haven’t read the novel, give it a try – I have read it many times and always enjoy re-reading it.


African American novelist, journalist, and biographer Ann Petry is born in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Author of Harriet Tubman, Conductor of the Underground Railroad (1955), she becomes the first African American writer to sell over a million copies. Learn more about the Underground Railroad.


British novelist Doris Lessing is born in Persia.


Mass hysteria seizes thousands of radio listeners during a radio dramatisation of H. G. Wells’s fantasy The War of the Worlds. Thousands believe that Martians have landed in New Jersey.


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