More ways to describe tone


Provocative = Stimulating, exciting

Audacious = Daring, bold, insolent

Persuasive = Written to convince or win over

Condescending = patronising, arrogant

Disdainful = Arrogant, lordly, superior, unsympathetic

Sarcastic = Snide, mocking, sharp taunting that wounds

Sardonic = Derisively mocking, scornful and cynical

Satiric = Ridiculing, ironic, mocking, farcical, exposing folly

Mock-heroic = Ridiculing a “hero”

Apprehensive = anxious, uneasy, worried

Ominous = Fateful, ill-boding, foreboding, dire

Urgent = imperative, critical, intensely necessary

Threatening = Menacing, intimidating

Horrific = Appalling, shocking, gruesome

Disappointed = Deceived, crestfallen, let down

Regretful =      Contrite, apologetic, sorry (spans mere disappointment to a painful sense of dissatisfaction or self-reproach)

Remorseful = Moral anguish, penitent, contrite, rueful over past misdeeds

Sombre = Bleak, depressing, dismal

Elegiac = Lamenting, poignant, funereal


Amused =  Entertaining in a light and playful manner (directing attention away from serious matters in an agreeable and pleasing manner)

Bantering = Teasing, joking, playful

Simpering = Smiley in a silly, self-conscious, often coy way

Whimsical = Capricious, unpredictable

Reverent = Venerating, worshipping

Reflective = Contemplative, meditative, introspective

Intimate = Personal, informal, private

Sympathetic = Compassionate, sensitive, to share or understand feelings

Factual = Certain, absolute, irrefutable, unbiased

Detached = Aloof, impartial, disconnected emotionally

Pedantic = Scholarly, making a show of knowledge


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