Scholarship – Section B

In the Scholarship exam in Section B (Response to Literature) you are required to write a coherent and engaging essay in response to one of 13 topics. You need to use the topic as the focus for an in-depth discussion of a relevant text or texts. Your discussion should reflect independent thinking substantiated by frequent, appropriate and integrated references and / or quotations.  However, you must choose suitable texts.

Low level or other unsuitable texts which do not build credible arguments at this level should be avoided simply because students do not write well about them or reference them with perception; these include:

– Harry Potter books and films

– Lord of the Flies book and films

– The Bible (not a novel)

– The Aeneid/Odyssey (these are Classics texts, and mostly treated as such)

– The Lion King

– Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

– Jodi Picoult books offered as serious literature

– The Bucket List (film)

– “Chick-lit” as serious literature

– The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks (also a film)

– Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

– Shawshank Redemption.


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