Interiors in The Lives of Others

The look of East Germany was painstakingly recreated for The Lives of Others.  Did you note the lack of advertising or graffiti in the GDR?

In the film there are two dominant styles used in the interiors – the grey state style and the warmer personal style of Georg Dreyman. Georg’s apartment is large, airy and filled with old furniture and art, it is an artist’s home, but one before multimedia, computers and too much plastic. While not colourful, his home is warm, cosy and personal. Tones are browns and reds and plenty of dirty whites. This is the modest home of a person of passion and personal dignity. In the film all of the interiors are modest. None of them scream money, designer brands or seek to overpower. The rooms sit quietly back while the humanity of the inhabitants comes forward. As a viewer, it creates a rich experience, and reminds us that the aim of design is to enable humanity, not distract from it.


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