American Classics


I was asked to provide some more suggestions for books to read and in this post I have given some American classics.

Fitzgerald, F. Scott

The Great Gatsby

A young man corrupts himself and the American Dream to regain a lost love.


A broad comedy about a WWII bombardier based in Italy and his efforts to avoid bombing missions.

Hemingway, Ernest

A Farewell to Arms

During World War I, an American lieutenant runs away with the woman who nurses him back to health.

Kesey, Ken

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

A novel about a power struggle between the head nurse and one of the male patients in a mental institution.

Lee, Harper

To Kill a Mockingbird

At great peril to himself and his children, lawyer Atticus Finch defends an African-American man accused of raping a white woman in a small Alabama town.

Morrison, Toni


The lifelong friendship of two women becomes strained when one causes the other’s husband to abandon her.

Plath, Sylvia

The Bell Jar

The heartbreaking story of a talented young woman’s descent into madness.

Potok, Chaim

The Chosen

Friendship between two Jewish boys, one Hasidic and the other Orthodox, begins at a baseball game and flourishes despite their different backgrounds and beliefs.

Salinger, J.D.

The Catcher in the Rye

A prep school dropout rejects the “phoniness” he sees all about him.

Steinbeck, John

The Grapes of Wrath

The desperate flight of tenant farmers from Oklahoma during the Depression.

Vonnegut, Kurt


Billy Pilgrim, an optometrist from Ilium, New York, shuttles between World War II Dresden and a luxurious zoo on the planet Tralfamadore.

Walker, Alice

The Color Purple

A young woman sees herself as property until another woman teaches her to value herself.


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