Dystopian Fiction – Recap

We have now looked at a number of dystopian texts and it is time to review some aspects of these texts.  Many of you are looking at dystopian fiction for your oral presentations and/or research and you need to think about the cultural and political conditions that lead to the creation of your chosen texts.

  • One thing we have looked at in our text studies is totalitarianism (both the right and left- Nazi Germany, the Stalinist Soviet Union) and state-sponsored violence
  • In a number of the texts they reflected society’s growing awareness of environmental damage and the costs to humanity
  • The rapid advance in technology is also present in a number of texts as is the increased and powerful use of surveillance techniques
  • The texts often reflect the knowledge that after World War Two societies had to adapt to the fact that we now had the new capability through the use of nuclear weapons to completely annihilate humanity.

As you reflect remember that Dystopian fiction tends to reflect the fears and anxieties of the society from which they emerge.


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