Children of Men Trivia

Some interesting tidbits:

  • Just before the car is attacked, Miriam peels an orange in the back seat. Just before the refugee camp falls into chaos, Kee and Marichka share orange slices over the baby. In films, oranges often represent impending danger or tragedy. This motif is also prominently featured in The Godfather.
  • Almost every shot contains an animal, usually a dog.When Miriam is taken off the bus in the refugee camp you can hear the song “Arbeit Macht Frei” by The Libertines. “Arbeit macht frei,” meaning “Work shall set you free,” was written above the entrance at Auschwitz, one of the major Nazi Concentration Camps.
  • When Miriam is taken off the bus at Bexhill, the camera pans by several cages with prisoners inside. One of them is the infamous “hooded man” from the Abu Ghraib prison torture pictures. He is seen in the exact pose as the real pictures.
  • Kee’s name is a homophone for “chi” (also can be pronounced CHEE) which means the energy or force of life itself.

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2 thoughts on “Children of Men Trivia

  1. Thats awesome, did you also know the importance of Miriams ‘Shanti’ words?? If you watch the film to the very end, including the credits, the words ‘Shanti Shanti Shanti’ appear. It means Peace, the divine peace or something-it’s Buddhist. 🙂

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