More reading on Children of Men

Follow the links below to find interesting reading on Children of Men

Everything your denial keeps you from seeing: Children of Men

Is it fate or chance that haunts the Children of Men?

Analysis of the final scene


6 thoughts on “More reading on Children of Men

  1. There is some interesting spelling in the last one. Is diegetic actually a word? If so, what does it mean because kept asking me if i meant diabetic.

  2. Sound that is part of the action is called diagetic – for example, wind noise, screeching car tyres etc 🙂

  3. Like how the first link acknowledges denial in society and implies that it cannot be helped. It’s like the documentary Cauron made and how no matter how much we address the situation, we are still all human and this the the direction in which the human race has progressed-we are going to kill our race off eventually. Jeez dystopians are fun!

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