Book of the week – Beloved

I have been asked to recommend some books and I will start off with Beloved by Toni Morrison. The book was written in 1987 and it is a spellbinding and dazzlingly innovative portrait of a woman haunted by the past. Beloved is a book that will open your eyes up to slavery and its legacy. Margaret Atwood described it as “a triumph”.

Toni Morrison won both the Nobel and Pulitzer prizes for Beloved and she has written something so beautiful, so terrifying and so true. With this novel you have to give yourself over to it and don’t expect to understand everything right away. Erica Bauermeister says “Beloved is written in bits and images, smashed like a mirror on the floor and left for the reader to put together. In a novel that is hypnotic, beautiful, and elusive, Toni Morrison portrays the lives of Sethe, an escaped slave and mother, and those around her.”

This review will give you more information.


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