A ‘Family’ from Gilead

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Here is an example of what could be considered a family in Gilead. We have a Commander and his Wife and Daughter with their Handmaid and a Martha.

The Commander is the head of the household. He is a leader in Gilead society and has more legal privileges than any other member of the house The Wife is part of the face of the family, at the top of the female social ladder. Has little or no authority over the people in her house except by status. The Daughter is the biological daughter of the Commander and either the current or previous Handmaid. Lives in the home with her ‘parents’ until she is married off at as young as 14. The Handmaid is the fertile female chosen to bear children for the sterile family. Her sole purpose is to produce children. She also gets the daily shopping for exercise. The Martha is the maid to the family, performing all the cooking and the cleaning. Higher ranking family’s would have more than one. Marthas are also involved in the raising of children.
created at www.pizap.com

created at www.pizap.com


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