Column Writing Recap

We have discussed how columns differ from newspaper articles in that they are the opinion of the writer. They are signed, or by-lined, for example Jeremy Clarkson. The style of a column can be formal or informal, depending on the subject. The column can focus on any subject-politics, social issues, topical issues, sport, observations. The column should be written so that the columnist’s voice can be heard clearly as if the writer is talking to the reader.

Remember a column should:

  • Reflect the personality of the author.
  • Demonstrate a strong writing ability and a distinctive style.
  • Express the viewpoint of one writer rather than that of a newspaper.
  • Look at a subject that appeals or interests many readers.
  • Present new insights in a lively manner that shows the writer’s conviction.
  • Provide discussion that stimulates readers to think, to evaluate or to act from a new perspective.
  • Use an original title that defines the angle or the type of content.

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