Funniest ads of all time

An advert featuring a kung fu fight between a bear and a fisherman has been named the funniest television commercial of all time.

The John West salmon advert, which begins in the style of a nature documentary before man and beast come to blows over a fish, came out top of an industry poll.

A commercial for Blackcurrant Tango in which a spokesman for the drink challenges a French exchange student to a boxing match, before offering to take on “France, Europe and the rest of the world” was second in the vote.

Third place went to cigar firm Hamlet, for their memorable series of “photo booth” adverts, one of which featured Rab C Nesbitt actor Gregor Fisher trying and failing to flatten his comb-over haircut. The commercial was voted the ad of the century at Cannes in 1997,

Other adverts making the top 10 list included the spot for John Smith’s beer starring comedian Peter Kay as a father clumsily attempting to reassure his daughter about the “wardrobe monsters” in her room, Carling Black Label’s patriotic “Dam Busters” campaign and a cinema advert for the Orange mobile phone firm featuring rapper Snoop Dogg. Read more here.


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