The Inbetween

Hours before I died, my mother hung on the refrigerator a picture that Buckley had drawn. In the drawing a thick blue line separated the air and ground. In the days that followed I watched my family walk back and forth past that drawing and I became convinced that that thick blue line was a real place – an Inbetween, where heaven’s horizon met Earth’s. I wanted to go there into the cornflower blue of Crayola, the royal, the turquoise, the sky.

When Susie is murdered she should be gone … forever but in The Lovely Bones she is still in contact. In this work of imaginative realism Susie tells her story from Heaven. We see Susie transition from life on Earth to one in heaven. Her family moves through the stages of grief as Susie is “trapped in a perfect world” reaching across the Inbetween. Alice Sebold said:

” I am fascinated by the connections between the living and the dead, and I’m also very compelled by the sense of alienation that people feel who have experienced violence, both victims themselves and the family members of those victims. And so I’m certainly driven by a will to lessen that alienation.”

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