How to achieve in AS 90724

Achievement Standard 90724 is Read and Respond Critically to Unfamiliar Prose and Poetry Texts and in this post I will give you some pointers for achieving it and achieving it at merit and excellence level. Here are the essentials:

  1. You do need a good knowledge of language techniques
  2. Analytical skills are essential and you must be able to understand the texts and the questions. You need to be familiar with question analysis and text analysis. Show evidence of thought processing. Remember you can highlight and annotate the texts and questions in the resource booklet.
  3. The assessment report noted that the students who achieved this standard demonstrated the following skills and knowledge:
  • ability to identify techniques and to select accurate examples of these
  • understanding of basic/literal ideas, but not always metaphorical meanings
  • ability to respond to the wording of each part of the question
  • ability to attempt to explain the effects of language/literacy techniques within the context of a specific passage
  • ability to support ideas by referring to appropriate details in the texts
  • ability to make connections within a text on a literal level
  • ability to express ideas clearly
  • Students who achieved with merit or excellence tended to:

  • write comprehensive in-depth answers covering a range of points
  • make connections across the text, commenting on patterns, contrasts etc
  • respond to ideas and language on oth literal and metaphorical levels
  • read confidently for inference and commented on connotative and denotative meanings
  • focused on how identified techniques were used to achieve the writer’s purpose (e.g. showing that you understood the use of satire in the poem)
  • provided perceptive analyses indicating wider prior/general knowledge that they could apply appropriately
  • related specific techniques to the overall text – provided a holistic sense of the text rather than discussing techniques/meanings in narrow isolation
  • could demonstrate how techniques can work together for the same effect
  • expanded answers to tease out the implications of the points made
  • “unpacked” key words from the texts and the questions
  • gave detailed evidence to support ideas (please note!)
  • chose examples that gave greater scope for appropriate analysis
  • responded in a personal way and showed evidence of intelligent, original thought
  • could identify tone and describe how the tone was created. The student was aware of shifts of tone within the text.
  • was able to accurately identify and explain a range of techniques (not just simile and metaphor!) but allusion, antithesis …
  • used sophisticated, varied language that allows a greater degree of precision on analysis
  • has a fluent writing style and a flair for language.

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