Ideas for revision – The Lovely Bones

The exams are coming up as I am sure you are aware and it is time to revise. For those of you looking at Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones I thought I would give you a few ideas about what areas to look at. One obvious feature to focus on is Sebold’s innovative use of point of view in her use of the omniscient first person narrator, Susie Salmon. Also think about how Sebold was able to present such a disturbing subject – Susie’s rape and murder. In terms of theme, look at issues to do with mothers. In her depiction of mothers and daughters, Sebold is able to question the roles and demands placed on women by society. She examines the place of women and she does this through the first person omniscient narration, characterisation and the motif of confined spaces.


2 thoughts on “Ideas for revision – The Lovely Bones

  1. Hello Mrs Cowie,
    I have been meaning to speak to you about curtain essay matters…
    When I write an essay I find it easy to either write about key scenes, as in particular moments, or themes/symbols/motifs.
    Would you be able to please highlight the predominant ones, which you feel would be best to write about, in The Lovely Bones as well as American Beauty and also Atonement as I am still unsure on which film I will write about.


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