Bibliography Makers

If you need help with properly formatting your bibliography for your research assessment try the sites below.

Ottobib and Bibomatic both use ISBN numbers to find books and format citations. Those are both good, easy to use tools, but if you need help formatting citations from other sources try Carmun, Citation Machine, Bibme.

Bibme is an easy one and I have added more information here.


4 thoughts on “Bibliography Makers

  1. Dear Bibliography Makers,

    I am a student at Summit Middle School in Colorado. In preparation for a lesson on Web Design, I discovered your web site, Some of the material on your site would be quite helpful my students.

    I would like to copy/download the Bibliography picture so that I can use them for teaching materials for my students. I will use the material only for the duration of the lesson and will include credit to as the source.

    Would you grant me permission to the your material for my class or help me contact the appropriate person(s) for gaining this permission?

    THANK YOU for this valuable contribution to the Internet.


    S Stein
    Summit Middle School

  2. I am a student who goes to Eden Prairie High School in Minnesota. Would it be ok if I used this picture for a web design project as well? Thank you.

  3. I am an instructor at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA and I was wondering if I could use the picture of books with the word Bibliography on it as a header graphic on a programmable logic control tutoral website that I’m developing? I would be more than happy to cite your blog and/or website in any fashion you would like.
    Thank you for your consideration. John

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