Briony’s Hair

I know that many of you are fascinated by the hairstyle that the character of Briony sports throughout the film – so in this post we find out why director Joe Wright went for the bob.

Wright says that Jane Campion’s 1990’s film, An Angel At My Table (a biopic of New Zealand’s most famous author, Janet Frame) had a huge impact on how he later filmed the three Brionys. “I learned to make one big visual statement about the character because then you’ll know immediately who that person is,” he says. “In An Angel At My Table, it’s big, red frizzy hair, I thought that was a bit much for Briony. So she gets get the same [blonde] hairstyle, the same mole on her cheek, the same blue eyes and that’s it.”

I know that many of you feel that he needed to change the hair. A wispy grey-blonde bob, it looks fine for a little girl in the 1930s, but seen again on her as an 18-year-old WW2 nurse and yet again as a 70-year-old in 2007, it backfires, screaming implausibility for many viewers. Says Wright: “The hair, well, you know, I mean, it’s an extraordinary feat of Briony’s to be able to maintain that hairstyle for 70 years, especially in this day and age, but er, she did!”


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