Bubble Comment on Oral Presentations

I have left a comment here about the oral presentations – make sure you wait for the bubble and listen to the teddy. I just wanted to have a play on Bubble Comment really… you know how to get in touch. Don’t leave everything to the last minute!

Update: moodle is working fine.


6 thoughts on “Bubble Comment on Oral Presentations

  1. hi ms cowie i still can’t get into moodle… i just went into english 301 and it told me that the course is not enrollable at this time am i doing something wrong?

  2. Hi Vanessa,

    I found it slow to open but I can get on as you. So try again and e-mail me if you have any further troubles as I can e-mail you any of the resources that you would like. 🙂

  3. hey nat,
    with the oral presentations…can you help me in the first week to download/add into my slide show a video clip thiungy plaese and thank you and i can’t make itr to the car wash tomorrow….i have docs appointment!! SORRY BOUT THAT =)
    Bye Nat

  4. Ellen – who taught you English – Cletus the slack-jawed yokel?

    Of course I can help you download your ‘thiungy’!

    A shame you can’t do the carwash 🙂

  5. hahaahah Cletus
    i can’t find that video on youtube that you showed me about “beauty queens from hell” i need it for my pres, but i might have to use another one. ANYWAY my point is that i need your help downloading one sometime.

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