Abigail Salmon

Here are a few ideas about Abigail Salmon. Abigail is Susie’s mother. She has a college education; she has a master’s degree in literature and would like to teach. Abigail has a passionate nature but the demands of motherhood pulled her away from her husband and away from her dreams. Abigail became less involved with her children and husband as her family increased. Abigail is very unsettled by Susie’s death and she struggles to find an outlet for her grief. She does have an affair with Fenerman but she doesn’t love him. Abigail has a great need to find herself and she really wants to escape from her powerful grief. This causes her to move to California. It is here that Abigail finds some comfort and she leaves her previous life behind her. However, she does come to understand that she can’t leave being a mother and wife and returns home. Abigail comes to see that she saw Susie’s death as punishment for own failings. Abigail is now able to rebuild her relationship with her husband and with her children. It isn’t easy, but she is able to retrieve her position within her changed family.


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