The Lovely Bones – Chapter 6

I haven’t updated The Lovely Bones notes recently so here is a post about chapter six. In this chapter Susie remembers Ray Singh almost kissing her before they are interrupted when teachers talk to Ruth Connors about her artwork. When Ray tells Susie that she is beautiful it is just what she wanted to hear. Ruth is walking in the cornfield where Susie was killed when she and Ray connect. Susie’s father goes to talk to the Singhs and he is unsettled by Mrs. Singh’s beauty and her silence. Mrs Singh tells him to make sure who killed his daughter and then to kill the man. This is what Susie’s father needs and wants to hear. Chapter six has a number of accidental connections.

Susie’s moment with Ray grows in significance. The attraction between them was strong and Susie can’t forget it as she tries to come to terms with her death. It will have to be resolved. This attraction also will dominate the friendship that develops between Ray and Ruth. Susie is what they have in common and therefore it will have to be resolved for both the living and the dead.

Jack’s visit to the Singhs reflects his need for comfort. He is feeling guilty that he wasn’t there to protect Susie and he feels guilt that he didn’t tell her he loved her. He wants her to listens to his pain. Abigail, is also in pain and also looking for comfort outside of her family. Abigail’s issues do go beyond Susie’s death and at this stage of in the novel she is not sure where her needs will take her.

The pictures in Fenerman’s pocket are poignant and demonstrate loss. Fenerman takes unsolved cases personally and Susie implies that one is his wife. Later in the novel we learn that she had committed suicide and Fenerman feels as much a failure about her death as Jack does about Susie’s.


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