The Lovely Bones – Chapter 5

In chapter five Susie’s father has entered into the second stage of the grieving process which is anger and guilt. His feelings are destroying him as he is fixated on his inability to protect Susie. The clue which Detective Fenerman gives Jack becomes part of his healing process. Jack feels that if he can bring Harvey to justice, he can do something to ease his guilt. Abigail Salmon is also angry but she is not fully out of the first stage of grief. In this chapter she acts stunned and confused, doing things that are silly and unnecessary. Abigail’s desire for her children to disappear for awhile foreshadows her later decision to leave her family.

Susie is also in the grieving process. She is unable to accept her own death and she has a need to help her family. Susie watches them and has the same reactions to their lives as she would have had if she had been alive. In the Salmon family Lindsey is the only one who is on her way out of her grief. Lindsay will still have bad days like the rest of her family, but thanks to Samuel, she is beginning to feel again. This foreshadows how important he will become in Lindsey’s life. We can also see that the act of Buckley keeping the shoe from the Monopoly game indicates he feels much more deeply about Susie’s death than the family think he is capable of. Later in the story when Buckley discovers the shoe is gone, he responds emotionally.


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